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The Handling of Personal Information on the TDK Web Site

Privacy Policy
The Handling of Personal Information on TDK's Website

Hereunder is the basic policy of TDK Corporation ("TDK") relating to personal information protection.

1. Purpose of collecting personal information TDK uses personal information provided by customers for one of the following purposes:

(1) Response to inquiries on the TDK website
(2) Information relating to present campaigns operated on the TDK website
(3) Request for completion of questionnaire concerning TDK products, etc. relating to present campaigns operated on the TDK website
(4) Notification to winners in present campaigns operated on the TDK website and sending of presents
(5) Notification relating to the e-mail magazine issued by TDK

2. Joint use of personal information
If TDK deems that an involvement of a TDK Group company, or TDK Group companies, stipulated below in (1) is appropriate for the purpose of implementing the actions mentioned above in 1. (1) - (5), TDK and the TDK Group company (companies) shall jointly use the personal information. Notwithstanding the involvement of TDK Group company, TDK shall always be liable toward the customer for the management of the personal information.

(1) Scope of joint-use companies
TDK-EPC Corporation
TDK-Lambda Corporation
(2) Items of personal information for joint use
(a) Name (b) Company name (c) Company address (d) Name of department
(e) Company telephone number (f) E-mail address (only the e-mail address of an e-mail magazine subscriber)
(3) Purpose of use by the user
Same as "1. Purpose of collecting personal information" above

3. Provision of personal information to others Unless there is justifiable reason, TDK will not provide personal information received from an individual to a third party without prior consent.

4. Consignment of personal information
TDK may outsource the works relating to responses to inquiries concerning the TDK website, the management of present campaigns, and the delivery of prizes. In case TDK judges that the personal information received should be disclosed to the outsourced contactor(s) for the implementation of the works, TDK will conduct a rigorous management of the personal information. TDK and the outsourced contractor(s) shall keep the record on the works, such as the record of responses to a certain customer's inquiries.

5. Collection of personal information
TDK shall receive the personal information from customers always on a voluntary basis.

6. Inquiries
Customers wishing to check, amend, or delete the personal information are requested to contact the TDK Website Management Office (e-mail:, which will respond within a reasonable time and scope.

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